Spend Summer at Sunny Hill Resort

Where free-range kids, parents, and grandparents enjoy all-inclusive perks

All-inclusive vacations are having a moment in the news media, and publications like Forbes and Endless Vacation outline the perks of going all-inclusive – from delivering a more meaningful vacation experience to the practicalities of not having to open your wallet once.

The incredible benefit of booking an all-inclusive vacation isn’t a surprise to the generations of families who have made Sunny Hill Resort & Golf Course in New York’s Catskill Mountains part of their annual summer pilgrimage.

Sunny Hill Resort in Greenville is an award-winning, 600-acre estate that includes a lake for fishing and boating, two golf courses, a 5.5-mile obstacle race course, 12 lodging options, a pool, day spa, and dining hall serving three delicious meals a day. After check-in, the only choice you’ll have to make will be between relaxing at the pool or joining in one of the many daily activities offered at the resort.

Start a family tradition that will last generations, and experience all that Sunny Hill Resort has to offer.

For the kids…

After a big breakfast at the dining hall, it’s time to dive into the Sunny Hill experience. For kids, this means morning kickball tournaments followed by activities at day camp. After lunch, it’s fencing lessons, face painting, and a kid’s golf clinic. And after dinner, they can take the ultimate monster truck or tank ride through the woods and over mountainous terrain. As the sun sets, it’s time for concerts and magic shows, last-minute fishing, swimming, or paddle-boating on Lake Loree.  The weekly Friday Night Lake Party is a hoot for the whole family, offering live music, fireworks, and a bonfire.

For the parents…

Breathe a big sigh of relief as your kiddos head off in search of adventure, and you in search of your own fun. The morning starts with Zumba classes, then an adults-only lawn bowling tournament, water aerobics and yoga, and an afternoon by the lake or poolside with a good book and a glass of something cold. Join in one of Sunny Hill’s organized trips to the Saratoga Flat Track & Casino, Cooperstown, or village of Woodstock, or spend a quiet day unwinding at the day spa. Spend the evening catching up with your kids on all their adventures, listen to the nightly entertainment, and join in a late-night game of bingo.

For the grandparents…

Is there anything better than watching everyone in your family enjoying themselves? How about spending the day catching up with new friends, finding treasures at our jewelry and art shows, competing in a shuffleboard tournament or going for an organized walk around Sunny Hill’s 600 acres? Play a game of golf on the Sunny Hill Resort course, then enjoy a family dinner followed by dancing at the Lake Pavilion.

Don’t miss a moment of free-range vacation time at Sunny Hill Resort & Golf Course this summer. Book your stay today.

Friday Night Lake Party

Every Friday night, the shores of Lake Loree are aglow with a patriotic party.

Friday Night Lake Party Image
Golfing Vacations

Find a golfing package, grab your clubs and play our greens. After sinking the last putt, GarWayne Dining Hall will satisfy any sportsman's appetite.

Golfing Vacations Image
Military Night

Ride around in our fleet of Tanks, Jeeps, Humvees, and other real former military vehicles

Military Night Image
Endless Activities

Sports, live music, road trips, magic shows, & more! See for yourself why you'll never hear "I'm bored" at Sunny Hill.

Endless Activities Image